CMC The Gentleman's 1877-model

The 1877 model of the CMC Gentleman's has '7 new improvements', as the catalogue of 1877 announced. In reality, these improvements were gradually introduced, so you could come across CMC's that are something in between the 1876 and 1877 model. And some improvements are accessoires - never seen them in real. 

The improvements were: 
- a new head, described as 'a combined centre and coned socket arrangement for steering the machine'. This is clearly visible in the pictures. This construction also brings new front fork shoulders, compared to the 1876 model and older. 
- easy detachable foot rests.  I am very happy (2020) that Mr Paul Wright helped me with clear pictures of these footrests. They are added to the photostream. They are attached to the 'knobs' at the inside of the fork.
- a hinged bearing, double coned. Clearly visible in the pictures, and opened here
- a dovetailed sliding block at the end of the spring. This was introduced during 1876. Only the first 1876 models have a roller spring end. 
- better spokes of better wire, claimed CMC
- a combined mudguard and luggage carrier. I put a catalogue illustration of this one in the pictures file. It would be very, very interesting to see this accessoire in real. The horizontal holes inside the rear fork were clearly meant to fix this carrier. 
- a 'lifting nut' to lift the handle. Never seen this, nor do I understand how it should work. Should be useful when descending a hill.  Clearly also an accessoire. 

The bicycle in the pictures has serial nr. 7843 and it's a full 1877-model. Handlebars have to be straight like seen on the older models. They changed it for a fixed bent handlebar sometime in the 1880's. 
Look at the nice oilers in the front bearings. In the hub flanges of the rear hub have to be oilers too, there are bolts in the holes where they have been. 

Second bicycle in the same pictures map has nr 7786 and is a wonderful original example!

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